Sophia Thorburn

Sophia Thorburn

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Before joining McMillan&Co, Sophia was a lawyer with the Dunedin Public Defence Service for several years, specialising in criminal legal aid work and representing clients charged with offences in the criminal and traffic courts.

Sophia understands that facing criminal charges is daunting and stressful, and that outcomes can have significant long-term consequences. She strives to provide clear, candid and concise legal advice about the court process and plea options, and has a proven record as an effective and well-respected advocate who will go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome possible for her clients.

Sophia is also in our immigration law team. An immigrant herself, she understands very well the huge significance that a decision to immigrate has for an individual and their family, and knows just how important it is for immigrants to not only have sound legal advice, but also genuine support and understanding from their advisors throughout the process.

Originally from East Malaysia, Sophia has spent over half her life in Dunedin after studying at the University of Otago and choosing to settle down in this beautiful student city after meeting her husband, Sam. Outside of work, Sophia keeps busy with their two young boys, indulging her passion for baking cakes, playing the piano or the guitar, and tending to her vegetable garden with “help” from the boys !