Suffrage & Beyond

Suffrage 2
07th September 2018

Throughout 2018 Sally, a proud history graduate from the University of Otago, has been privileged to sit on the reference group for “Suffrage and Beyond” – the Toitu exhibition staged to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Suffrage in NZ.

Sally had the even greater privilege of being invited by Toitu to speak at the exhibition opening on 7 September 2018 and to introduce the guest speaker at the opening night, Dame Silvia Cartwright.

The exhibition, which will run until 31 December 2018, is a small but perfectly formed display on how life has changed for women in NZ since 1893. At McMillan&Co., all but one of our staff are women, and so women’s causes are at the forefront of our concerns! We also act for many women, and for many children in our capacity as Lawyers for Child in the family court. We practise relationship property and employment law, and many of us in the firm are involved in community and charity organisations that help women. In all of these areas of endeavour we see first-hand, every day, how the lot of women in our community is sometimes unfair and unkind, and how not only mothers but also their children are affected by women’s lot in life – good or bad.

A NZ Women’s lot has improved gradually since 1893; suffrage for women was a major turning point. The exhibition tells a wonderful, graphic story of the journey in the 125 years since, and we are very proud of the small part that our form has played in putting it together.