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"Where there’s a Will, there’s a relative" - Anon

While some law firms offer free wills based on standard forms, at McMillan&Co. we believe you get what you pay for.  Your will is likely to be the most important legal document you ever sign and so you need it to say exactly what you want it to, not just what the standard form dictates. Your lawyer needs to understand the details of your particular circumstances - how your family is made up, how your property and finances work, and why it is that cousin Bert is to inherit the Goldie but Fred will only get the stick figure drawing that you did in standard 3. We know how to make your will watertight, so that after you’re gone, the family will be left with only happy memories and not years of Family Protection or Testamentary Promises proceedings.  

As well as being experts on wills, Simon and Neville are specialists in the law of trusts. Forming and administering family trusts kept many lawyers busy for many years but changes in the law have meant that while trusts may still be useful for some clients, they are no longer necessary or appropriate for others. If a trust is right for you, then we’ll make sure you get the right kind of trust. We’ll talk you through the pros and cons of trusts and other options to come up with an asset protection and estate plan.